• Hello,

    I created this blog to help you get in touch through your messages to women and men living with HIV in Paris and its regions.

    If you live in the country, and whatever your country of residence, you are also welcome (es).

    Create an account to place an ad.

    In your message, be clear that nobody loses his time.

    Enter your civility (female / male), your age, your country, your city and search (friendships, relationships, ...).

    That integrates this blog is, no controversy to others outside of the blog or Blog, or politics, or racism. Messages and about in this direction will be purely deleted.

    This blog is yours, use it to good use and I hope that you will find one or that you expect to fill your life.

    Discuss this Blog to those around you and those who are "concerned" and who are also looking for a good story.

    Do not hesitate to write to me about whatever, I would say. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

    Participate in the drafting of topics, share your tricks and tips with other visitors.




    « Réservé aux hommes, sourire… - Reserved for men, smile ... »
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